Pine Run Construction is one of a select few companies certified to inspect (API-653 & SteelTank Institute) and install aboveground storage tanks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the City of Philadelphia. Our expert team meets or surpasses the industry standard for testing and inspection. We conduct tank inspections throughout the United States.

API-653 Inspections

API-653 inspections are conducted for Aboveground Storage Tanks. This inspection includes:

  • Structural inspection of shell, roof and floor
  • Foundation inspection and survey for planar tilt
  • Ultrasonic readings of steel thickness
  • Inspection of appurtenances, controls and piping
  • Corrosion and remaining life analyses
  • Determination of compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Steel Tank Institute inspections are conducted for Aboveground Manufuactured Storage Tanks.


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